Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Made it

Home which is always Great!
My flights out of South Africa where very hectic and I completely wasn't expecting it. At the airport in Capetown and I realised my internal flight was domestic meaning I would change to international in Johannesburg. OH OH. I had an hour 10 connection. That's kinda tight. I tried to fly on an earlier flight but was denied and then for kicks and giggles the Sth African Airways was keen to charge me 9000 Zar for my bike ( nearly $1200 dollars) Over an hour later and 6 ques with 4 different people I paid 1160 Zar. Caught my flight and thought its all good. In Jo'burg I started to be a little worried when it took forever to unload us and bus our flight to the terminal - with 50 mins till my US flight I ran across to international and got to the ticket counter 40 mins before.
However I hit a wall when the flight was closed. All counter staff telling me a different story and I must have looked so panicked that one guy totally took pity and basically accompanied me through, I owe him huge! He issued me a boarding pass, escorted me through crew security and immigration and I got to the gate with honestly seconds to spare. Far... too much excitement.
18 hours plus later in Atlanta I had no luggage show. ( not a surprise!).
nearly 38 hours after leaving Stellenbosh I got home to Gunni. Awesome. Max was very excited!

Stellenbosh was fantastic. It was like one of those weekends you read about in travel articles. 3 perfect days in..... Stellenbosh is very charmed, the scenery, wine country and mountains, climate, food, wine, all amazing. We ate great food, met neat people, rode trails on Saturday morning, and had a group road ride to Franshoek on Sunday morning both rides had Cafe and coffee breaks during.


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