Monday, April 28, 2008

Metaphor's for life

Brian raced the final Randonee ski racing event on Saturday. In A Basin, Summit County, CO. He say's he finally feels that his lightweight AT Ski equipment has paid for itself. He was a very close second to Brian Wickenhauser. 8 Seconds at the line! Wick Gunnison local and captain of the Team Salomon Crested Butte adventure racing team, 'regularly schools' Brian all the time in training. If you are going to lose by 8 secs.... its good that its to Wick.

I on the other hand basically wasted Saturday away, until I finally dragged myself out on my Singlespeed at 4pm to get my training in. I chose the Single as it would force my strength endurance intervals on my unmotivated body. And it did.

Yesterday we decided to go to Grand Junction, ride the trails in Loma and spend the night at Ross's.

It was awesome. The trails are still wet around Gunnison. But in Fruita. PRIMO! We caught the tail end of the Fruita fat tire festival yet the trails weren't too crowded. In true Brian style the ride plan was simple.... ride all the trails. I got my hill repeats in no problemo, and we finished with More fun trail. ( NO MORE FUN... if you ask me, but in the only sick kinda way that Mountain biking can be both fun and not fun at the same time).
The ride also really illustrated a few key things to me that made me laugh.
  • Riding up to a rocky ledge, I was thinking 'straight through, or ez line at left, aaaggh'...the moment of hesitation almost took all my momentum and I nearly faltered before going up the ledge. 'Indecision will halt you! See the line, pick your line and go for it'.

How true is that for everything we do.

  • Later on a techincal spot, I say to Brian 'give me some room I don't always make it'. He replies... 'how about thinking I always make it', and I think.. You're right. I am riding well today... I can make it. Guess what.... I do! Funny that.
  • Finally Moore fun trail bought up the real gist of the situation. Focus. With it... achievable! Without it... forget it you won''t even be able to see the path.

Loads of lessons in one ride eh? I must have needed it. Ride on.

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