Monday, April 21, 2008

What is Bologna?

Brian and I rode to Lake City yesterday. I have been love love loving my road bike. Maybe it is because I've spent so much time on the MTB bike in the past year although I also think its because the new Trek Madones are SWEET!
My bike fits me amazing and is comfortable! Comfort to me equates to confidence and it's amazing to feel this secure on the road bike.
Good too as the dirt around Gunnison still has some drying out to do!
However comfort and confidence doesn't necessarily translate to keeping up with Brian! Despite his best efforts and he really was trying - pulling me in the head wind all the way to Lake city. I got bonky with 20 miles to go - to the half way point. Oh oh. I kinda had a feeling that thinking about what I'd cook to eat for dinner - at 10am in the morning 12 miles into the ride was a bit of an alarm bell.
At Lake city - we stopped at the General store. I go inside in a shaky, blur and hone in on what I can eat. I buy Tortillas,cheese and by god Bologna. And a Snickers Bar.
Sitting on the outside bench I make up wraps. Now seriously what on Earth is Bologna, What on earth made me buy it, and would I actually be able to eat it? Brian's take was 'well it has calories'. I ate 2 pieces enough Bologna for my life time.
However it all did its job and about 1000 calories later I was a much much happier seeing straight bike rider. Great all the way home.
I'd stuck the other half of a wrap in my back pocket and at home gave it to Max. He was psyched!

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daralyn said...

Did you sing the Oscar Mayer song all the way home too?