Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Singletrack above the Ocean

Today we Sue, JB and I rode up Table mountain above Capetown via a dirt road on the lions head side. At the top of our trail we hit single track and took it over and down to Sea point. It was probably one of the most amazing pieces of single track I have ever ridden, being high above the ocean on the side of a mountain. Fantastic stuff! My plan had been to swim afterward but somehow I got really tired and lost motivation. Funny how that happens. Feeling a good dose of guilt over my upcoming Xterra season I privately vow to swim tomorrow.
Its pretty weird right now I am in love with my bike and riding albeit gently feels really good.
Jeremiah introduced us to a Coffee shop yesterday 'Origin' It has exceptional coffee ( as good as Atomic, or C4 in NZ - high compliments) So we went again today. It was great.
All the amazing pictures are being stored in my head as I vaguely remember leaving my camera in a porta pottie on the last night of the Cape Epic.

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