Sunday, August 10, 2008

Xterra Beaver Creek, Olli impics and the rest of August.

I'm using the Silver Box on my lap in front of the TV and its Sunday afternoon (quality recovery!!)
Very excited to have good viewing over the next couple of weeks... even though it will undoubtedly eat into more productive activities... but does fill a niche left wide open after the conclusion of the Tour day France.
I mean seriously what is better than watching sport you like w/ coffee in the morning.

Yesterday we competed in the Beaver Creek XTERRA. In its first year the event basically burst onto the scene offering an exceptional championship worthy race. It's organised by Mike Closure and crew, has the backing of the Vail/Beaver creek resort and was supported by Team Unlimited. Exceptional. The race was potentially exceptional too when you like 4500 feet of climbing at 9000ft.
Brian and I got there on Friday afternoon too late for previewing the course but we did ride 30 minutes up the initial climb. It was refreshing to be racing a mountain setting we love and Crave. So we were excited. Not so exceptional we found out was our form on the day which was a bit of a bummer as we both just struggled with the early steep climbing and intensity. So we ended up calling it very good solid training against great competition in a fantastic setting.
Shonny V took the women's race with her climbing ability and an excellent run too. Mel M was 2nd and I was third. Mike Vine took the men's race, Brian was 5th.
Racing an Xterra used to be a huge deal for me and would knock me ...sore for the week following.. its progress now that I can use them as training.

On Tuesday we are driving out to Utah... Road trip... for some racing.
This coming weekend we have the US championship series Mountain Xterra championships. The following week we are racing the American Mountain Classic Stage race.. Thurs-Sunday. Then the weekend after is the NMBS finals at Brianhead Utah, STXC and XC.

I'm excited and ready. Brian is so psyched to be taking a break from work and training to race. It has been a long time that we have both taken a 3 week travel/race block together... hopefully it goes well. Its going to be really fun.

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