Friday, August 1, 2008

Worth Sharing..

I rode at Hartmans today, I can't describe how great it was. For 2 hours I saw no one - not a single soul or sign, it kinda freaked me out a bit it was so quiet. Riding through enchanted forest, the breeze was blowing gently rustling the Aspens, I think to myself.. good place for a mountain lion??!... we really have it great here... don't tell too many people!

Then on the way into town Brian calls ( Cathie P will so appreciate this). "I have a job for you" ME '"uh huh?" thinking.. oh oh! Brian 'its modelling wedding gowns' 'she wants blond and brunettes size 6-8 thats you right' ME Ohh...(floored) 'sort of, I'm out riding, Thinking yeah right how to get out of this one... 'Its prob not going to work I'm away the next few weekends and I bet thats what its for'....Brian I'll text you her number... Me ok?.. remember how YOU have bigger (M)'oob's than I... At least it wasn't a Construction Job Offer!!

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