Monday, August 4, 2008

Side swiped

Last Wednesday I was fully knocked with some kind of bug that had me grovelling around the house and in front of the toilet all day long. Awful.... equally awful was the fact that it didn't go away as quickly as I'd hoped (isn't that the truth for most things.. take what you expect and double it....) so I spent the past 5 1/2 days feeling greenly nauseous the majority of the time. I did learn a thing or two though... Salmon and Kale... not good to get ill on.... running w/ a sore stomach Bad... Coconut,ginger and lemon soup Good...A beer after a ride at MT CB, w/out enough food... fairly bad.....Homemade hummus w/ 8 cloves of Garlic... Horrible ( why did I think 8 cloves of garlic would be the winning formula anyway)...
Anyway... midday today... it went away... and I felt much better...went for a spin... felt peppy even...SO Happy.

On account of completely missing my hard week of training. I decided to sign up for the Beaver creek Xterra this weekend too, and plan on joining Brian there...


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