Tuesday, December 19, 2006


With Max's shoulder still being sore he has been bound to the house. it hasn't been working out so well! Following Sunday's p'bar binge... was a repeat performance yesterday. We are pretty certain that we closed the bike room door before leaving, yet came home to find the D. O double G had gotton in there and pulled out half a box of protein bars and 4 or 5 peanut chocolate Pria bars. AWFUL...320 calorie protein bars can't be good. He has been smelling terrible and pooping wrappers all day.

Well I didn't feed him today and we took him on several walks around the block. But when we put on our running things and left in the car I guess it was too much....

The dog went on the rampage. Unbelievable... a STURDY SOLID CARDBOARD christmas box received yesterday..... shredded.... and the cookies, chocolates, chocolate xmas tree and dog treats... garbaged . Ironically Brians mum had labeled the dog treats.... To Maxwell. The good boy!

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