Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not sweating the small stuff

We woke up to 33 degrees this morning. A basically unheard of temp at 8am in Gunnison in Dec... so with a pending xmas party at 11, we high tailed it out the door for a quick ride. Half way up the front side of hartmans rocks we where run into by Dave Weins also getting out... He had a curcuit he'd been riding which was half jeep road half snow pack single track... super fun and super sketch. Busting home from our ride at 10.50 we where getting bikes in the door as Max our dog busted out. Lo and behold in the middle of the floor was a box of toffee chocolate Harvest bars, and a bunch of shredded wrappers.... A power bar fueled Max was definately not coming back in a hurry! We jump in the car and take off on a neighbourhood Max search. To add to the situation. Max has a sore shoulder so there we are driving following our limping naughty dog around the alley ways!
All was forgotten when we made the event of the year.( if not exactly on time) The Colorado fitness dodgeball party, lunch and steal or win gift exchange. Brian is the now proud owner of a STYLISH Gold Gym black plastic sweat suit. (Any offers it could be for $ sale)

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