Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brian and Jenny connecting

In the time that it has taken me to post an update I have forgotten the name, access and password to our old Blog. After seeking to retrieve all that information and transfer it to Beta Blogger I succeeded in losing it completely. So without an account to manage I created a new one.

It is our intention to keep you updated on our adventures in life and to share some of our favorite things, people, places, experiences.

We have been really enjoying some time at home in and around Gunnison. We've been, working, playing and fufilling our endurance sides with some epic adventures.

During November we rode the White rim in Moab for B'mans birthday and then went back with some friends the following weekend to ride it in the opposite direction. I loved mostly every minute of it except for the climb back from the top of Mineral bottom to the road... 10 miles of pure suffering....

Lately our weekend adventures have taken a Nordic twist.... We have been Nordic racing on Saturday's and Classic touring on Sunday's. (On Mondays I am lucky to be able to lift my legs... so sore.... and on Tuesdays I've been going to Yoga to undo some of the damage)

Last Sunday we skied along with Ken and Sandi Bloomer up to the friends hut above Crested Butte. It was a 6 i/2 hour ski and a real highlight for me as I have wanted to do this ski for years. The hut was open and we lucked out by getting to go inside and have lunch.

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