Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here's to our Health!

Can we appreciate our health enough? When we have it we don't think about it. ...

I caught a cold 2 weeks ago that has laughed at my zinc sucking, emergenC, herbal tea drinking, netti pot using, head stand doing self and knocked me flat while it's run its full blown 14 day course ... probably should have gone to the doctor... Hindsight eh... I can't wait to be fully healthy.

Right before Xmas a friend was in a car accident. She was going home when in snowy conditions her car rear ended a tractor trailer. She's currently in Denver hospital in a stable yet critical condition of semi conciousness, and one side of her body is yet to regain movement. She is a great girl and our thoughts are with her throughout her recovery.

Another good friend has lupus and she has had a flare up... she's really not well and having to take drug infusions at the hospital. She is a hard core chick, skilled and fantastic. She LOVES to be athletic and lives for her activities.

Kinda puts my cold into perspective.

Heres to a 2007 of Celebrating and Promoting our health every way we can!

Brian getting back from a 2 hour run Xmas morning... His longest run to for the Buller 1/2 marathon. (like the ear muffs... he bought me for xmas... hmmm... for who? they are called 180s and are our favorite piece of equipment right now. Stylish...questionabale maybe in a 'weinsy' triple booties way. Warm and Funtional.. definately. We love them!)
Happy New year.

Jenny and Brian.

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