Monday, June 8, 2009

Doing no wrong doing no right.

I am in Harrisonburg, VA visiting Sue Haywood and the Harrisonburg crew for a few days. People make the place and its a really neat place here.
The Massanutten Hoo Haa, Kenda cup was held over the weekend. Kristi has raved about this race and as one of her favorites and I wanted in. Also its just fun to be in the East Coast MTB scene, see Jeff Schalk, Jeremiah, Sue and everyone. The course was so fun, alot of built trails some just finished last thursday, Rocky, muddy, rideable technical, hard as hell it turns out.

Wow.I had a hard race, one of those days, where all things come together and result in feeling like utter cow pattie poo. I even had a headache. and I wanted to both pull out or walk. But only on the climb as soon as I got to the top.. whoo hoo.. .. Massanutten Yee haa... too much fun..

So I dragged my sorry ass around and up the 2nd lap climb, and thought about how last week I could do no wrong.

In contrast Sue Haywood won the double XC closely with Cheryl Sorenson ( a Trek team mate I met for the first time.. what a cool lady.. tough!) and Sue won the Super D too. Good stuff!.

Brian raced in the Teva games, a flat tire put him out in the MTB event, then he stepped it up in the 10k trail running event, finishing a very respectable 11th in what is one of the US's most hotly contested running events.

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