Thursday, May 24, 2007

a month condensed

A month has flown by just like that. We are back in Gunni now and its GREAT.

Rather than recapping on a full month of events here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the SO CALI trip.

Performance wise. My 5th in the NMBS #2 shorttrack, my 5th in the Opening Xterra. Brians 5th in the opening XTERRA.

Food of the day was definately Sushi, where early on Lea and I ate Sushi for four meals in 6 days that pace mellowed but Brian and I did go back to Robins Dono ( an independant, surprisingly cheap, surprisingly good japanese resturant amid the mall sprawl of Ontario. Robins dono is in a strip mall on hte corner of millikien and 4th st - about 2 miles from the airport) when he flew to Ontario. Closely following was shop of the Month - Trader Joes.

Mike and Pam Lee our West coast regional team managers put me up in Mission Veijo for a week and that was super fun. Did you know Mike lee was a child actor.
My Low point was contracting an on contact rash from swimming in a lake that had me looking like a chicken pox ridden itchy scratchy creature from the deep. Sadly racing my bike that weekend only spread it and there was nothing I could do to help matters but wait it out.

The Idyllwild race, riding and camping tops the best of list. Its so fun there, 80% single track and good prize money to boot. I won the XC race.

Riding in Fontana after the fact. I drove to Ontario early in the day to beat traffic and pick up Brian. So I parked in the fontana carpark and rode at the XC venue. Seemend rougher around the edges in the cold light of day. But do beleive I got the start dialed as I rode my intervals around the short track course. Too sketchy to ride by myself on the whole xc course. the things we do eh?

Being back in gunnison is the best and we even have a race tonight.



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