Friday, July 20, 2007

Full Circle

It has been a full month since my last update and I have to tell you life is pretty good.

I absolutely LOVE being in Gunnison in the summer and after a fair amount of travel on my part its seems sweeter to be here in July.

Last weekend I took a trip over to Snowmass for the Colorado State champs. I camped there and it was super chill and social. I felt good racing and won the cross country.
Driving back I met Brian and Max in Crested Butte and we camped up Washington Gulch, where the riding, running, swimming and scenery where stunning. In this world all must be balanced out though and the payback for the beauty is the swarming masses of buzzing biting black flies!

Brian flew to Vermont for the US nationals at Mt Snow this weekend, not a smooth trip it turned out, as he spent 30 hours stuck in Chicago.

Which serves to allow me to appreciate the lack of flying in my near future. Most of our upcoming events are within driving distance and that is a great great thing.

Coming up on our event schedule:
1. Crested Butte Xterra July 29. ( Brian is taking an Xterra clinic there on Sat 18th w/ Melanie McQuaid.) for more info.
2. The Snowmass national mountain bike series finale, Aug 11/12
3. Xterra US series mountain championship -August 18th. In Ogden, Utah.( Brian and I are both invloved in clinics there: Stop by and say hi if you're there - Brian is w/ Jamie Whitmore at the Mountain bike clinic and I am part of the Art of Xterra clinic.)

Being home in July has other benefits too. The Tour de France as one - its a huge guilty pleasure as it makes me late most days! Our friends gardens are overflowing into our grateful arms with salad and greens.
Here's a couple of my seasonal favorite recipes from this week:
Bok Choy sauted with garlic, shrimp, salt, pepper, and served w/ a sprinkle of parmesan and a spray of Braggs sauce ( like soy).
Salad greens with blueberries, strawberries, fresh raw corn and chopped Brazil nuts (these are high in Selenium-which is a good nutrient to include in our diet, as its often depleted from soil and therefore hard to come by).



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