Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A watch free day

Brian and I along with our friends Gale and Gary had a great ride at Hartmans rocks today, the summer thunderstorms have bought new life to the sandy trails out there and made the riding fantastic. It was a rare ride for this time of year without an agenda or plan. Consequently we hit a number of the technical trails which was really challenging and fun with a group.

Brian's new front triangle arrived for his fuel which is super exciting as soon he'll have his bikes back up and going, he has given up even feeling frustrated about his mechanical's of late as each one has been ridiculous in its own right and not necessarily avoidable: 2 broken frames, 2 broken new chains, 7 -8 flats on at least 5 different types of tires... surely the run will end soon.

I rode with my friend Tressa Breindel last Friday- Tressa suffered from ulcerativecolitis for many years prior to a correct diagnoses about 5 years ago. Since then shes had operations where her large intestine has been removed. (clearly I don't understand it all.... but I do love the knowledge she has of her body and the sense of humor she keeps regarding its workings)'. She is doing fantastically well, is about to complete her undergrad degree at CU in Boulder and working in a lab grad program studying Chrohns disease.

In addition for kicks she runs! On August the 18th she is running the Leadville 100 event. ( How awesome is that, oh only about 20 + hours on her feet) I of course both think its crazy and am superbly impressed and in awe of her studlyness.

Tressa rode my fuel the other day and liked that it had my name on it. Now in the name stakes... I have to share this picture of Melanie Mcquaid who's helmet tops my custom list. It came with her name and a diamond embedded in the side. Definitely Euro and certainly a class above some of the cycling fashions of late



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