Saturday, August 4, 2007

Raspberries, Farrells pie and intervals

We have wild raspberries in our garden and they are going crazy. Well.. in all honesty we have wild everything and the raspberries are the one redeeming feature, and that Brian has just mowed the lawn.

Farrells is a lunch place on the main street in Gunnison. Their food is really good, and they make THE best PIES! They usually have some delectable offering of fruit pie.

During my session in the pool yesterday I started thinking about Farrells and pie. Something to do with the fact that we were swimming intervals and I was dying. I got through the session and talked Brian into stopping by Farrells. It wasn't hard, our conversation went along the lines of I'll buy you pie! Yesterdays creation was Peach, divine!

Swimming had worked me so hard that I also came home post pie and immediately ate lunch.

I've just done 5 days of intervals... I made the mistake of telling Ann I felt I wanted to be able to run and swim faster too. (be careful what you wish for!).

Its important to me to keep a sense of humor and fun in my training. I mean seriously how many of us really enjoy cycling so hard uphill that our tongues hang out, as we gasp for air and try not to fall over.

So for fun the other day I did the Super D in our local series. I was actually kinda nervous ... wanted to stay upright and all. The pinnacles series in Crested Butte in its 10th year. Local race Guru 'H 'organises fun rides and courses, free beer, free food, cool prizes and I have to tell you the past 2 weeks have been excellent, a long muddy race last Thursday followed by incredible perfect conditions for this past week's Super D.

Brian is back in action with not one but two bikes. So he's psyched and my schedule says fun and enjoyable tomorrow. It also says not longer than 2 1/2 hours. Ann being smart. We think we might have to hit up the Continental divide. Brian does have a Fuel to break in.



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