Sunday, August 26, 2007

just a little wee drive

Well, As I don't travel enough. I decided to go to Boulder on Thursday for a Friday Swim lesson.
We really don't venture into Boulder all that often, mainly as we don't usually have reason to. So this was my first foray into the city there in nearly 2 years.
I have to say that Boulder completely trips me out as I find it quite intense. Yet, fun when you relax into the scene. I sat in the bookend cafe on Pearl St on Friday and people watched for a while. Then I went to Wholefoods at 5pm on a Friday which was insane, but pretty cool - I did more people watching there than actual food buying. They had this fig chocolate pressed pate in the cheese section that I didn't buy as I thought it would melt but it looked amazing and next week when we get swim lesson #2. I'm going to go back to get some.
The swim lesson was great, and its exciting as he gave me technique pointers as well as advice for my swim program ( hmm... on that note its probably time my swimming became a program!)
I stayed with Nick and Tracey. They made Sushi on friday night - so good. They had been given a Sushi set for an engagement present( great idea!). Boulder can be great... Nick bought some really good Sushi grade Tuna at wholefoods. Gunnison doesn't exactly have sushi grade anything - unless maybe you catch and eat a trout- down by the river - ha ha).
On Saturday I went up to Winterpark for the last of their race series. It was well attended and relaxed. The race was a point to point where we rode about 5 miles out to the start. I was racing the singlespeed and it was awesome untill about an hour into the race, when the chain fell off 5 times in about 5 minutes, wot a bummer, so I had to ride back up the trail and take my sorry self on the road back to the start. Its time I believe to retire the single and get a real one! As despite a new crank and chain it has been a problamatic ride in the past few months.
FromWinterpark I drove up to Breckenridge for a excellent Saturday evening and Sunday swim/ride with LaDawn. It was the most amazing day today, calm sunny late summer perfection.

Brian had the boys over....


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