Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Snowmass finals weekend

The NMBS finals where held in Snowmass, CO last weekend. Racing wise both Brian and I had really good events. Can you believe I just wrote Brian and a good event in the same sentence. mechanical free -With a 17th in the XC and a 15th in the STXC. I ran the mens STXC after my race and was impressed watching how hard he was digging. If I had have been able to access that kind of effort myself? I suffered my way to 10th in the short track which followed a good 7th in the cross country. The XC was funny as along with Zephanie Blasi I basically battled with the Xterra girls Melanie and Jamie. Melanie had a really solid race at high Altitude. Pictured above are Lea, Caitlyn and I at the end of the XC.
Post race Ross Schnell, Jeff Schwalk, Lea and I rode in Ross's GTI up to some hot springs along the Crystal river. I'd underestimated the 5k from Carbondale ( was more like 12 miles) .... causing the others to call me JB #2. But we did find it. Mile marker 56 ish if youre in the area. Hot, cold therapy for the legs and good times. Pizza followed at the white house pizza in Carbondale..Good times followed the Short track too in the form of a stellar 80's party, we where somewhat overserved! and suffered for our fun the next day. Phew Monday was a rough day, but it was worth it I think, you have to party sometimes. We came home to some miscommunicaton over Maxwell dog, who wasn't at the kennel as planned and had spent the weekend at home in our house, amazingly and fortunately he was aok just hungry. I rewarded him with a trip to the river and he rewarded me by rolling in dead fish gus! Did I deserve it? Oh yeah, did I enjoy hung over and washing dead fish off the dog??

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