Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gadget girl

A few years ago when my friend Susan D was sponsored by RLX polo sport she had this winter cycling jersey that she made fun of. It was windproof, rainproof, lightweight super cute, with an exorbitant retail value.... yet the reason she made such fun was because it only had 2 ridiculously small pockets one for a cell phone and one for an I pod. What?!

Maybe the company was ahead of its time... or at least Gunnison's time.

I stopped to buy some wine on the way home from my ride today and pulled my headphones out of my ears to talk to a friend there, as I was paying, my cell phone rings and my back pocket talks to me. I put the wine into my back pocket (real cycling jersey pockets are useful) and turn off the heart rate monitor for the ride home. And now I'm on the computer!

Whats happening to me! I used the be the least gadget orientated person I knew.

My ride did redeem me, alongside the river to the Blue Mesa Lake. Peaceful and beautiful.

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