Saturday, November 3, 2007

Maui Pics

Lahaina group ride.
Sweet trails
We might have made fun of these costumes... but realised around the corner why... the group was in rain suits.

Post race we hung out in Maui for a few days of snorkeling, walking, relaxing, took a halloween boat trip, relaxed, we met up with a group ride from Lahaina - to see some local trails - super cool, even did a run and rode up Haleakala... a 10 000ft mountain. that one bit us hard core as it rained for the last 10 miles. Near the top in 30 degree weather raining and blowing in wet clothing Kristi and I giggled hysterically when I commented ' I'm not having very much fun' we thought at the time it was the funniest comment ever... as we couldn't move our hands, feel our feet or anything else for that matter.

Sunny times lower on Haleakala Volcano.

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