Thursday, November 22, 2007

adventures of the bike path kind

Two days ago I was in Grand Junction for the morning and rode the bike path along the river to the swimming pool. I was thinking to myself how good it was to see GJ city putting in bike lanes and bike paths amid quite a bit of road construction and development. It was 7am quiet and peaceful out. When I came across a group workers unloading and heading to a wetland area to cut dead brush. The truck was parked on the path and one of the guys was standing next to the trailer with a chainsaw in his hand head down utterly engrossed in whatever he was doing with it. He was taking up all but about a foot of the path and it was narrow enough to need to ride through the gap. I think okay one move to the left and I get clobbered with the working saw so I stop and stand there for seriously about 5 minutes. I try saying, HI, uh Hello, I'm here, see me, yes the saw is working, Yes I would like by, Yo idiot features look up, In the end I kinda wave under his cap and he finally looks at me. I ride by... what you don't necessarily expect to encouter eh?

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