Thursday, February 5, 2009

what I did...

..."NT" today?
Rachael ( my sis ) and Cam and I where driving over to the West Coast today.. right past Hamner...when me and my big mouth goes.. have you ever bungy jumped?

A short uiey later and we found ourselves at the Hamner thrill seekers kiosk fessing up and paying for 3 bungy jumps.
Those of you who know me know I am terrified of heights.. I've always said I'd never jump off a prefectly good bridge.

So we get up there, Rachael and Cam are super excited and I'm thinking oh crap..
Cam goes first.

I don't! really the pic say's it all.
Rachael is like for gods sake.. my turn!


thedurangokid said...

Sick! Now you're ready for NASA camp!

Dara said...

I totally would have chickened out too. Before the NZ mtb worlds Troy and I went to Hawaii where I got a bad sunburn on one side of my body because I stood on a rock for 45 mins that everyone (even little tiny kids) was jumping off of in to the ocean, totally paralyzed and unable to do it.

mcszabo18 said...

So did you do it?!?!?!
:) Heather