Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am sitting outside at Seth's place in Boulder, in a tank top, and my arms are getting sun for the first time in at least 10 weeks! It feels so good! We've had a great winter in Gunnison, and its bizarre how we forget that the rest of the country isn't quite as cold..
We 'raced' ( Well Brian did I participated) in the Alley Loop marathon skate ski yesterday. -11 In Gunni in the morning, the snow in CB was cold. Brian waxed us warmer so he had a hard day of it, w/ not much glide.. I don't know that I really noticed. Once I got over being taken down on the early climb... ( chaos skis poles everywhere...) I had a blast. I'm skiing well for me this year. Its largely I think due to the swimming , my upper body doesn't get fatigued. I was 22rd in the womens marathon, 3 hours 12, Brian was 6th in the mens in 2.15.
No pictures.. Brian's reasoning ...too busy racing!
Afterwards we jetted home, ( left the house in a shambles ) and came to Boulder. Brian and Seth are in Eldora racing a 10k snowshoe race. I'm busy stealing Seth's PG tips tea ( cup #3) and Me and Max ran into Settlers park, we both overdressed, Max's nails are long from the snow and not pavement, Max drooled the whole way w/ exciting spring and city smells!
Tomorrow I fly home. .. I'm so excited.. well not really excited at all about the 30hr + flight, long layover in LA, but very excited about seeing my sister, nana, mum and Dad.
I'm taking a bike w/ for my sister and a bike for me to ride , so am testing out a new way of travel. I only have the 2 bike boxes, my clothes are in laundry bags and plastic bags in the boxes, my cycling shoes, running shoes, and helmet are in my carry on. Both boxes come in under 50lbs, Hope it helps and I don't get over charged! Also hope bikes arrive in one piece... athlete tools help as packing/padding.. kick board, yoga mat, pull bouy, tpt block, camel back....

Finally.. Go Katie Compton. The UCI World Champs cyclocross on Marianne Vos won the race, but the deserved respect goes to Katie and Hanka (the German rider) for aggressing the race, You could argue Marianne as being savvy and smart/ you could also argue her as being .. wheel sucking non working.... My respect goes in Katies direction.

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