Saturday, January 24, 2009

SNRGY multisport

I met with Brandyn Roark Gray and Lisa lieb in Ouray earlier this week. To check in and plan for SNRGY multisport the coaching and clinic company Brandyn and I have started. It was great, and exciting. Since then we've been squaring away details, registering a domain for our website ( which to be honest is a bit confusing.. to me.) I signed in yesterday and realised oh crap its full of technical language and details! Then I called in to a bank on Friday and opened an account, again, it was significantly more involved, than expected.

We've started coaching clients and so jazzed about it. I think we have a neat concept going and we agree on many aspects of our business and how we want to work with our clients. Its great. Snrgy.. with the sports, clients, lifestyle, health, performance.

In the meantime my ear has been acting up, the other one. So I have an appointment with the ear nose throat specialist on Tuesday. For a full audio exam etc.. Fingers crossed, It will be great to have it healthy and stable before I fly to NZ.

We raced the Kenny mac 30k skate race in Gunnison this morning. Put on by Gunnison Nordic, $5 entry! WARM!!! so warm I was saturated, by the end in just a base layer and a light jacket. Brian flew and won the men's race. Much to my surprise I skied well for me and was 2nd in the women's race. it was super fun to ski with Sue Demottai and other women I am usually 10 Min's at least behind. Brian bought me a red bull... I never drink these.. might be something to it.

March 13 - 15th is our next XTERRA training Camp in Farmington, NM. Spring will be in the air. Perfect timing for a summer triathlon camp. contact us for more details


thedurangokid said...

Congrats!That sounds pretty cool...Maybe I should be your first client...You know, someone who wants to be competitive but can't get off the couch to train...If you need help with website stuff let me know. I have several friends who are in the business...

Susan Haywood said...

I'm so excited for you! March training camp? You have peaked my interest.