Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Day 2009

Travis Scheefer and Stoobi skin up

Start of Swampy
West Elk mtns

Winter single track

Swampy Pass

Looking back at the Castles
Awesome!! What a great group.
Another view of Anthricite range

Keri Nelson over my shoulder...
Jon's coffee laced

Top of Beckwith

A stunning start to the New Year. Warm compared to last year only -12 as we drove by the bank in Gunnison. Such a warm day later on. 22 of our friends met at the Ohio pass trailhead for the Swampy, Beckwith, Kebler, Ohio Pass tour of the Anthricite range. 4 passes over 10,000ft. Good times.
I of course realised I still can't ski for 'crapola' coming off of Beckwith.. Nordic skis, downhill conditions, burly snowmobile track etc.. made it challenging. Wish I could say I didn't crash.. alot.. or cry.. I did. Still it was an amazing day.

Brian is a Saint , and skied with, fed me lunch, made me laugh. I bought in the tail end of the group at 3pm.. 8 hours later.
Start as I intend to continue.. 'sometimes over my head, tears, tantrum, humor, one foot in front of the other'
Happy New Year.

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Ken Bloomer said...

Jenny & Brian,

Glad to see you two still living the dream! That is an epic for sure, something Sandi & I will never forget, especially since it was on that tour two years ago we found out we were having Colin! Keep the photos and words from home coming, we love it! Take care and gruessen on the rest of the Gunni crew.

Sandi, Colin & Ken