Friday, December 26, 2008


Brian and I met with Monarch Mountain a few weeks ago. Brian is going to put on a Randonee ski clinic prior to the Feb 21st event at Monarch and in return thay graciously supplied us with Season Passes.
I am not a skier, in fact I've attempted to ski 3 x in my life up untill now, the last was in 1999 where I basically did my damnedest to not go down the hill at all.. and that was the beginner slope! Not exactly the point.. eh!

Well that's all changed, we went up to Monarch to pick up our passes yesterday and ski in the POWDER! It was awesome. I loved it.. I didn't get off the kids lift ( according to Brian.. I was like kids? the kids are up the top of the mtn....) yet, but I did make it down a blue slope and I am hooked.

So excited. We used Brians rando equipment, and his new GOODE ski's ( so I'm learning on $2000 carbon ski's and bindings.. the lightest on the market.. Thanks Dave GOODE ...being Brian's wife has benefits sometimes!).


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Mark said...

I am using the comment to contact you. Could not find a place on the blog.

I am building a website about Monarch, and would be pleased to make a page about the Randonee Clinic.

If you are interested, shoot me an email

Now, delete this comment.