Monday, December 8, 2008

So whats new?

Sometimes we experience periods of change, and change can be really good. Its allowing me to be really stimulated and challenged.

My off season is in the past now, it was an off - season, my ear problems really affected me, but a visit to a specialist last week was encouraging, I'd had 2 things going on; an Eustachian tube problem and an initial ear canal infection, which in the end was dry and inflamed, mainly because it was too dried out from treatment. Its really settling now so I am much happier.

Its been interesting however and a learning curve. I've been learning about some Chinese medicine and the relationship between the water element, our kidney's,adrenal glands and ears. I relate to what I am learning and feel much of it is applicable to me. So in the long run I think the whole experience is a healthy one. My mantra for now is nourishment, and not just food, more in the form of some calming activities and balance to my go/go lifestyle.

I've changed coaches too, after 3 very successful years with Ann Trombley ( I approached Dara Marks Marino ( for coaching. Dara with her cycling and xterra experience is a really good choice for me to continue to develop as an xterra athlete. Its exciting and I am feeling really positive about the change.

I've also ( now I'm letting all my cats out of the bag, but whatever... its no secret that I am not a good swimmer... yet) begun working with Brandyn Roark Gray with Swimming.
She and Trever are olympic trial swimmers and coaches of the Four corners aquatic team... I'm hoping a little will rub off. She's a fantastic coach and again I am very excited to be working with someone who also competes in Xterra and triathlon.
2009 is very motivating to me.

Brian and I, along with Brandyn and Trever (Roark) Gray are teaming up to teach an Off road triathlon camp in Farmington, New Mexico Jan 22 - 25, 2009.
Brandyn and Trever will take the swim clinics. They'll video, assess your stroke, teach you drills to correct it, use tools for swimming, show how to integrate into a workout and how to progress your workouts into your season.

Brian and I will teach mountain bike and run clinics focusing on both technical and technique skills, race specific skills and workout planning and progression.

The weather will most likely be dry in Farmington and Aztec. I've just been down to swim and ride. We checked out the trails and they are super fun and appropriate.
The camp costs $295 which includes all clincs. Accomadation and food isn't included. Farmington has plenty of reasonably priced accom. We envisage eating out together Friday night, then on Saturday the ride clinic will be from the Gray's house and end with a pot luck BBQ.

Its an amazing opportunity for athletes of all abilities to start their year off well. Its going to be social, fun, motivating and extremely useful.

Space is limited so please contact me w/ any questions.

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JOY said...

Hey Jenny,
I wanted to ask you some questions about coach selections. I have been with my coach for 3+ it possible to get in contact with you via email?

Thank you!