Monday, December 15, 2008

Home made goodness

A client Michelle gave us the most amazing chocolate chip cookies today. Yum! One turned into 3 as I got ready to ride the rollers.. wonder if my ride used them up??

I've been right into making things at home lately. In part, its a response to food prices being so expensive. Its also to stay healthy. Largely too .. its just better.

I'm sprouting mung beans and they are delicious. Eating them in pumpkin soup. The soup is last nights soup improved. Roast Pumpkin, onion and garlic with coconut milk, red curry, and coconut curry chicken stock. (My friend Laura suggested a little brown sugar and stock to bring out the flavor.. it has made a huge improvement). Tomorrow I am thinking the soy chorizo in the fridge would be good added too....

Soup in December is the best!

I've got Yoghurt making in the cooler overnight. Take some plain Yoghurt , about 1/5th of the container, and mix it in a Jar with organic milk heated to 115 degrees, Put in our small 'chilli bin' and add hot water... to cover the jar and incubate the 'yoghurt'. Its good and alot cheaper. I'd like to find some organic milk powder and then I could make thicker yummy Yoghurt. Not sure that Gunnison has that though. ( NZ is 15 years ahead of this game, my cooler is a homemade version of Eziyo!)

I'm also making Granola in the oven right now. Its so much more economical and nice to know whats in the cereal mix.


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