Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Snowing and 40, B’man blogs
This post was written by Brian Smith on November 30, 2008
Hey all. Brian Smith here in wonderful Gunnison, Colorado. My wife Jenny and I are enjoying our tiny window called ”off-season”. We currently have snow flurries and its 40 degrees. I am trying to get excited to run an hour and head north for some early season skiing. Maui seems like it was years ago already, maybe even another planet. Time to get the snow bike up and running andstart nordic/randonee skiing. Any of you that has access to randonee equipment you should check out the Cosmic race series that Pete Swenson and Monique Merrill put on. They are a lot like mountain bike races on skis. Same race time and elevation gain. Quite a hoot.
The date for the USAT winter triathlon nationals has been pushed ahead 4 weeks as it overlapped with the ITU Winter Triathlon Worlds. These events are a lot of fun as well. Trying to skate ski after running and biking in snow till you see stars. What could be more fun? I have these funnew toys called rollerskis I picked up after Maui. Hopefully I will be ahead of the game once we have some good track. Salomon has been very kind to us this season. We both have complete kits for skate and classic skiing. We have to be sure to make the skis go fast as well!
Our dog Max is helping to keep up our running fitness. He completely trashes the house if he gets left behind. He isn’t all fun and games as his nickname is “nightmare dog”. We have to brush him 3 times a day or we will have a new shag carpet each day.
Sorry I don’t have any pictures. I promise to have some for my next post. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

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