Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Hawaii

This picture is beautiful. Lieb took us for a hike from the end of the road on the North side of Kauai. It was amazing.
Swimming behind the waterfall was swimming into a gale force blizzard, I was expecting snow any second. The photo was worth it.
The hike was awesome, our second neat hike that week. We'd joined Michael and Kristin in the bamboo forest in Maui. That hike had gone through bamboo up a creek bed and ended swimming up a river and climbing into a pool at the base of a waterful . The previous day we'd gone to Smugglers bay, Trevor has no fear and Brian is crazy.

The boy's resurfaced and our hostess with the mostess introduced us to the game of Sit. The game of sit is when you sit in the waves breaking on the shore and stay put. As it was stormy the waves on the shore where decent. The game of sit was very similar to toss the cork. I found the others dying laughing being tossed around the shore and joined in, still have sand in my scalp and water in my left ear from the game of Sit.

Our friends Dan and Cathie had told us to seek out Puka dog, so we did... so not dissapopinted!!! With likola mustard, and relishs: pineapple/ coconut/ mango... these where not your average hotdogs!

As we where leaving Honolulu last night Brian with a mouthful of icecream said 'being fat Brenda and getting fat is fun!' Well yeah...

Max was super excited to see us home and I'm a little envious of Lisa still being in Kauai.. what day is it tomorrow??

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lisa lieb said...

wishing you guys were still here. had a great day of stand up paddling and too much sun. by the way, the market is out of the pineapple wine we have been drinking all week. nice work team!
~the liebster