Wednesday, November 19, 2008

flat batteries

1/2 way around the white rim I remember... didn't I have fresh batteries for the Camera in the glovebox in the van?! Yep.. please check out for josh's perspective and more pictures.
The white rim was cool. We had a great group of friends to ride with and the day was spectacular. The pace kept moving along, which was nice as we didn't stop for too long along the way. It was quite Sandy out there during the early part of the ride.
I wore stylie (not so much) 180's ear warmers to protect my ear infection and rode. My newly built single speed. As its my 08 hardtail bike turned (white brothers eno's hub) single speed I felt super comfortable. But I have to say. I'm done with the single speed white rim ride for awhile. 30 miles in I realised.. this ride in dumb on a single its too much of a range of steep climbs to flat riding. Oh well it was a stunning day.
How was Brian's ride? It was his birthday, he celebrated... Of course. This year he got lucky and rode (demoed for Brian Reipe /Mountain flyer magazine). A 29er belt drive single speed spot titanium bike. ( what alot of words... for a one geared bike) The Spot bike rates in Reipe's top five bikes ever and Brian agreed.cheers

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