Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not in Hawaii anymore Dorothy

30 degrees and snowing all day. Got a call from Brian.. I'm up in CB full on winter went skiing at lily lakes.. AWESOME..
I'd figured.. pant and shoes on the floor, garage key missing...
Speaking of Brian, I haven't said too much about the crocodile undee costume at Halloween, cool idea for sure.. execution?? decide for yourself...shame he left the plastic knife at home it was an integral part of the costume. Check Conrad Stoltz's website for the incriminating evidence.
More on Brian:
Its Brian's annual birthday white rim ride Saturday Nov 15th ... 6th year running... wanna come ride?!!

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Courtenay said...

oh that's awesome. crocodile undie! i saw photos elsewhere and wondered what the costume was actually called. where are YOU though jenny?? what was your costume?

it's cold and snowy in tahoe too. booo.

here's conrad's direct link to the post: