Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Tri Nationals

Brian is off to Bend, OR for the USAT winter tri nationals this morning. Someone say gear? Holy cow.. below is Jc leary's pic of his packing and equipment last year.

This time around he shipped his bike ahead through Gunnison Shipping to Bike and Ski in Bend. A great idea! much cheaper than the $250 It'd cost to fly with and as weight is not an issue with UPS he put his whole bike in the case and some extra bit and pieces to boot. If/when we fly this year we are absolutely going the shipping route.

Me? I thought about going but my motivation was the possible draft Abyss beer ar Deshutes brewery... not really valid enough reason to cancel personal training clients and fly to Bend! So Brian's parents are skiing at Monarch today and I'm car pooling to ride in Salida. First time out of the lounge this year on the bike.. Weather says 42 degree high there... wish me luck. If its really cold.. My alpine stuff is in the car too.. ( never thought I'd say that.. ha ha..) Never say never my friends!

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