Saturday, May 1, 2010

Racing with fighters and freak boobs

So, Vegas was awesome. Had a great race from start to finish. Couldn't make much time on Josiah and Conrad but happy with my form at this point. Even made enough prize money to pocket a few bills.

Met Nick Diaz, good friend of Damian Gonzales and world class MMA fighter. Beat him on the course but hope to never match up with him in the cage, I would be slaughtered for sure. His fist is as big as my head!

Back at the ranch in Gunny, trying to get the training up and going again and lost a battle with the bench press bar. I was on my last set of 10 with 155, even had a spotter. On the 8th rep coming to my chest there was a snap and my shoulder went backwards. 24 hours later after X-rays, MRI and 2 ortho-surgeon evaluations, I am left with a partially torn pectoralis. I need surgery to anchor the attachment and get myself 100% for training again. Most likely 6-8 weeks before swimming properly again. Oh well, I guess I do have an off-season now. Not so bummed about 32 degrees and blowing snow outside.

Hope the next blog is a bit more positive.


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Anonymous said...

hey brian, we were wondering what exactly happened. I guess it could be better or could be worse. We always have a recumbent bike at the gym if hanging on to the handlebars of a regular bike is cruel and unusual punishment.
take care, gary and jane