Sunday, January 21, 2007

Starting in the South

Dunedin is pretty great really ... Old houses, beautiful countryside, amazing beaches, fantastic artsy cafes with excellent food and coffee. Awesome.
Air pacific left my bike in the US , thanks R and R sports of Dunedin for lending me a ride. 3 1/2 days later my bike did arrive safe and sound.

What a house, the garden was awesome too, old and established.

Bobs multi talents extend beyond the bike and such. Tristan got a rather stylie Mullet.

And then there's the weather, the down side to Dunedin. Arather rude awakening to my welcome home. 2 hours 20 of mud, clay, mechanicals, I finished the XC race with no left grip, A lap of granny granny and big ring to big cog. But a dunk and wash of the bike in the river midway through gave me 2 gears in the back and the middle and big up front. Fun? kind of but not something you should put your valued respected bike through.

I finished 4th for some valuable UCI points, congrats to the girls who put together good races.
Now for some sunny (hopefully) Nelson. Its really fun to be here and did I mention how good the food is?
Meanwhile in the snow Brian has been tearing it up on the winter tri scene winning the first event....
As I was racing yesterday I thought about Brian and how If I was going to call him I better bloody well suck up the race and finish it.


Tomarra C. Muhlfeld said...

way to go jenny and brian!!!
check out mine and Bruce's blogs.. &

Sonia said...

Hey Jenny,

stoked as that you are out here, wish i was doing some races so we could catch up! brush dunners off, don't worry about that, gee almost every year we've had it there it's been a bike and body wrecker, that result doesn't reflect what you are capable of! All the best of luck for Nelson this weekend - kick arse girl.