Saturday, February 3, 2007

the wild west coast

North of Westport is the 'Imagine Cafe'.. so far its been the best coffee .. which is saying something!
When the sun shines there is no place on earth like the West Coast of NZ.

I drove to Blackball yesterday to ride the croesus track and learned rather early on in the ride that swingbridges where a fact of life. carbon soles and stainless steel - makes me think of Lea's elbow.

Prior to the West coast I had an absolute blast In Nelson. Great riding, beaches, food, weather and people... what more can you ask for?
Bec and Lisa on the Rimutaka - Takaka hill.
Claudia and Bec.

The NZ champs where in Nelson.. I finshed 2nd to a speedy Anya. The most exciting part of the race was it being over and now I can Ride......But that said it was a really cool and challenging and fun course. They like it steep in Nelson.
My friend Bec has lent us her 1973 v dub combi van for our travels making nearly all my dreams come true!
Brian races in a winter tri tomorrow and then joins me on Wednesday. Can't wait.


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