Monday, February 12, 2007

Mountains to the Sea

Brian made it to Westport last week, after racing the US winter triathlon champs in Devils thumb, CO on the way. He was 2nd in this event... check out for the video and report. He was super psyched and is now travelling from NZ to Italy for the World Champs in March.

Congrats to our friend Keri Nelson for absolutely rocking it in a strong womens field to win handily. Way to go!!

In typical Brian style he came in 'all good' bar my not picking him up on time and starving. So we drove the combi to the nearest fish and chip shop so he could have some lunch. Fish, Chips a Paua pattie and some L&P later....

Westport has been having a heat wave trading in the usual wet weather for hot fine days. We taught a mountain bike clinic on Friday up in the old mining town of Denniston where a few locals are building some fine mtb tracks.

The kids where fantastic and keen so it was great. The rain didn't dissapoint and by the end of the riding it was absolutely pouring down. Some of the boys wanted to ride the trail down the hill... (hard core) but we guiltily turned down their invite and snuck off to the drifter pub and cafe down the hill in Granity to wait out the rain with a good cold one!

Saturday dawned clear and warm for the 25th year of the Buller Marathon. Westport has a population of about 5 - 6000 people yet Marathon weekend pulled in 2900 competitors so town was hopping. Brian hops in his first half marathon and ran a 1 hour 13 :47 to finish a nice 2nd place. Winning his 3rd pair of running shoes in a month (its good as we are the same size.... !) Not a bad week eh... Winter tri nationals on Monday (NZ time) and then a half on Sat at 23 degrees C.

Yesterday we rode down the coast to Greymouth... for a mellow spin. Ha ha... with a head wind all the way I was huffing and puffing my way trying to stay on his wheel. (good thing one of us had raced the day before!)

We turned up at Nana's place and where greeted with a stiff Gin and Tonic... I was on my nose by the end of the glass. Today we again went to Nana's for a dinner of Whitebait patties... the best thing since sliced bread.


Jen and Brian.

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34x18 said...

Nice job on 2nd place at NZ Nats, hope you and Brian are well.