Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day Off

I rode from Greymouth to Westport yesterday which on the MTB takes about 4 hours plus stops. I rode up there on friday with a pack and it killed my neck so yesterday put my bag on the bus (brilliant ... $4) ... Punakiki is about half way and has a really good cafe. A soy latte and tofu/roast vege pastie made for enjoyable commuting.
I have been on a honey kick lately, there are so many wild varieties around here. An organic roadside stand yesterday had Manuka and creamed Borage, adding to the growing collection in Mums kitchen. I think theres 5 different opened jars now ... oh well Brian turns up tomorrow so we'll get through them.

Today is one of those rare true days off, without work/travel or training. I have a recipe for a no added sugar/oils xmas fruit cake that I've been dying to make.

Our teamate Tomarra has set up her website check it out. Tomarra and Bruce Mulhfields blogs are:



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Anonymous said...

Jenny.... just saw your results for the New Zeland National Championships.... Congrats... what a great result... It is over 80 degrees this weekend so you and Brian should come on out and get some warm weather training before the season starts...

B and T and Buddy!!!