Wednesday, February 27, 2008

33 hours later

is all it takes to get from Stratfrod, VIC, via Melbourne, Sydney, LAX , DIA to home sweet home.
LAX by the way can be the utter pits. 2 1/2 hours to clear United Customs.... with only 2 flights in at the time..... 30 mins in the domestic security line, boarded the plane to spend an hour on the tarmac (as the engine wasn't working and needed the starter motor replaced) followed by another 1 hour 30 at the gate - while it was fixed and a reboard... lordy ..... I detest LAX.
Its good for? going with the flow and relaxing in adversity. Practise makes perfect.

Its so good to see Brian and Maxwell dog.

I really enjoyed Aussie. My sister ( from Kalgoorlie..... Rachael) is the best. What a cool chick.

The riding was very appropriate to where I'm at in my preparation, the swimming was good and running is a bit on the back burner for me as I've had an aggravated Achilles tendon. ick. I've been limping along.... but its healing.

Last weekend, I raced the Otway Oddessy... I have only the best things to say about the course, organisation, race.
I won which was nice and importantly reminded myself what marathon racing is about. For a race report and photos

Meanwhile: Brian raced in Germany at the Winter Triathlon World Championships.

He was 22nd in the champs ( after being 7th off the stage 2 bike.... he cramped in the ski so was a little dissapointed) the terrain - lack of snow, subsequent intensity and pounding on pavement where an issue.

On day two however. In the relay he fared much better leading out the US men to come off the ski/bike and run in 2nd. Felt so much better and opened up. They finished 6th. Nice.



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