Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All roads lead to Dargo.

The network of country roads around Stratford, Vic seem to have one thing in common, at one point of another they all lead to Dargo. I've found at least 6 different ways to go in that direction. Its a bit far for an out and back ride to Dargo and wanting to know what the scoop was Rachael drove up there last weekend so I could ride and check it out.
Now thats sisterly love for you. Driving 96km on a mountain road to a town of 86 then hanging out with the locals at the one pub soaking pineapple juice for a few hours while I got my heart rate up. Apparently the people at the pub thought I had rocks in my head.
So do most of the farmers I've met being carted by Rachael to the farm she's visiting while I unload my bike and ride as she soils tests, farm plans or such.
You wouldn't believe how many job offers I have had. I could have Brian and I out here in a flash set up in a Cottage somewhere on a farm here in Gippsland. Sounds Idillic eh. Rachael fast as a wink tells the farmer... oh no she doesn't like to work hard. I've stopped being offended and consider it sisterly affection ( hmmm...).
Rachael is an agronomist and honestly her job is fascinating, she basically works with the farmers to set the best climate w/ their land and the current conditions/products available to grow crops to feed the plants/ animals to get the best productivity for the farm.
Its fascinating.
Interesting tidbits for the day.
There is a huge grain shortage, for a number of reasons one being - China factories are in slow mo to reduce pollution for this years Olympics. (hmmm).
Bread in Aussie is about $5 a loaf.

If you are going to consume anything organic the most important products are grains, wheat/oats/barley and such. In conventional farming they are sprayed at least 4 times, the land is prepared/ a herbacide and insectacide while growing, a growth regulator to make the grain uniform, and a pesticide to keep the grain from rotting post harvesting. (hmmm).

Rachael is a strong advocate of GMO products. She believes modified plants...can mean resistance to drought/disease and better health of the plant ... and mean less spraying/fertiliser which means healthier crops and healthier land/runoff/water. Good food for thought eh?

Congrats to Sue and Sunny http://www.susanhaywood.blogspot.com/ in the 24 hours of Pueblo. Good luck to Brian in the winter Tri worlds champs in Germany this Saturday. I am busy getting excited/nervous for a 60 mile race in the Ottway Forrest this weekend http://www.rapidascent.org/
Heaps of competition, fun riding it looks like. Hope I get my singletrack skills back in a hurry.


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