Sunday, February 10, 2008

Squashed Wombats and Chopped Kangaroos

The road kill is rather interesting around here, I wish I could say I'd seen live ones, but so far the closest I have been to a kangaroo is next to the poor things remains and tail exposed on the shoulder of the road.

I have however seen some Koalas (Rachael and I) went to Raymond Island yesterday afternoon for a walk to see the bears. So cute and sleepy.

I've also seen plenty of Birds. They like Birds in Aussie, in fact have a whole culture . Getting off the plane I ran into a picture and description of a Budgie Smuggler - if you have to ask, do your research before thinking about wearing on on the podium. Then one of my first rides I met a car - Canary yellow 70's escort bumping along the dirt road, as I re- caught it and rode by, the driver leans out the window and tells me "we're bird watching (beard weeatching)"... pretty funny, of course they where, what else, miles from anywhere. Then on the radio I hear the announcer say we went to the Bird Sanctuary over the weekend ( house of girls). Too funny.

I'm loving how politically incorrect and out there advertising and such is in Aus, its awesome.

My sister is a blast, and staying with her is great. she is the most amazing cook you can imagine ... more on that later... Ive been doing alot of R/R (riding and riding) a spot of shopping (we went into Melbourne on Saturday to Victoria markets... Shopping with Rachael is fun, and as Brian wasn't there to tell me off I bought a couple of great tops and a dress).

I did just talk to Brian and he was 2nd at the US winter triathlon champs ( good one) so he's off to Germany in 2 weeks for the World Champs. Yeah!



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