Thursday, January 31, 2008


After hearing that the morning plane didn't get out yesterday, I spent most of the night laying awake listening to the heater, cycle and recycle then dragged myself out of bed at 5m to see if I could fly standby on the early flight from Gunni this morning.
It would make for a llooooooong day but I fiqured extra time at an airport was better than the alterntaive options if weather way laid the Gunnison flight.
I had a smooth ez flight from Gunnison and an equally smooth ez flight from Denver to LAX. 2 melatonin even though it was 9am, had me sleeping the entire way.
Since then I've had 7 hours to kill at LAX. BORING...but on the plus side Ive bugged Brian with useless calls, walked around outside in the SUNSHINE! sat outside in the SUNSHINE and done over an hour of yoga and pilates in a sunny walkway..... I know I am that person. But I feel good for it. Its not like anyone knows me anyway.
Okay only about 14 hours left to go.


Jarral Ryter said...

Hey just stumbled on to your post. It's fun to see how you guys are doing in races as haven't seen you around in a while. I just started a blog about training with diabetes
There is a link to Brians birthday ride on it.
Good luck in the Alley Loop and other adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hey brian - I dont have your email address so I figured this to be a good way to wish you the best of luck at winter nationals this weekend. killit yo!