Thursday, January 17, 2008

What I learned today.

This is for real at 6am and the actual temp at Sunrise was -37F. I did learn though that -40 F is the temp where Celsius and Fahrenheit meet.
See there is an exciting discovery in every day.

Whats the plus side of such a ludicrously cold day?

Brian benefited as Pat his mum and I went shopping and found boots on sale in his size.

I went swimming. I didn't go snowshoeing. Blew it off and had a bath. I know... I know the type A piece of me feels guilty. The type B feels like ... whatever. It was too cold.

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Anonymous said...

That is frickin ri-DONK-ulous. Who the heck would EVER go out in that!! I was totally crying and whining when Erinne and I suffered through 5 hours of riding today at 6 degrees.... Celsius. It was damp though... really uncomfortably cool and the presence of a previous rain was felt. Living there must be why you are so hardcore.