Monday, January 21, 2008


Degrees that is and it feels amazing! so I just shovelled a pathway to the snookums and chickems chicken shed. aka compost bin. Without any gloves and hat I might add.
Last week I felt so guilty (seems I did alot of feeling guilty last week!) about putting compost in the trash bin, but I couldn't face clearing the way to the coop.
Having the Max -well dog is why the compost heap is in the coop in the first place, accessible compost is a favorite thing.

Brian raced in his debut Randonee races over the weekend and came home buzzing. Day one at snowmass had 5900ft of climbing and apparently some super sketchy descending too. He has an informal invite to Randonee World Champs now. ' Who does one race at something and gets invited to the Worlds team?! Seriously.

Its good though I am psyched for him and it does seem all the cost of equipment was justified.

I guess Saturday was a rough introduction with skins not sticking, which he likened to having a mechanical in a short track race. But he recovered somewhat and finished 9th. Then yesterday - at Sunlight ski area in spite of losing a ski at transition one and falling out of the top ten he climbed up and finished 3rd. Thirty seconds back from the winner and multi time national champion Ethan Passant.

My weekend was mellow and really fun. I had dinner w/ Betsy and friends on Sat night, only drank one glass of wine as it was too cold to walk home ( one way to be moderate eh?) Heaps of riding the trainer which as you know I hate, a good snowshoe hike with Max -well dog, and another good skate ski with Max-well dog.
Max really is the best training partner as he is always excited to go and doesn't care where, how or even why.


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