Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Training indoors

Today marks the 6th day in the past week that I have ridden either the spin bike or the trainer. This is more because of convience than anything else. . So in order to keep my sanity I thought I'd start a wee list of things I'd enjoy more than training inside.
1. Clean my bike w/ a toothbrush.
2. Unpack the car after a long road trip.
3. Take the recycles to the recycle center.
4. Change over tires filled with Stans solution.
5. Fold the washing. ...... .

6.......I think its time tomorrow to get outside.



jenny, nice to hear fron you... i will be in the srates for 6 months this time. i will even drive to canada for the worldcups, and the singlespeed worlds in CA. the job i have in the magazine is so much fun.send my regards to brian. see you in a while... keep checking my blog. Hanoch

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny!
Comment on your #5, folding laundry. I don't mind folding, but man, I just have a hard time putting it away.
:) Heather