Saturday, January 5, 2008

B'Man returns-The Heat Is On!

Yeah, the heater works. Wasn't expecting to have the repair man return 3 times to get the job done right! It is 30 now, nearly summer in Gunny standards, and we have gotten about 5 inches of new snow by noon. Jenny, Max and I are planning a 4 hour nordic tour and maybe some snow biking into the night. Heading to Boulder Monday night for a buyer's guide photo shoot with Inside Triathlon Tuesday afternoon. What a task it has been trying to round up 08 gear with it being early January. Thanks to Zack Vestal, Shimano, Smith Optics and Salomon for getting product out early for this. Snowshoe, Nordic, Randonee and Winter Triathlon racing coming soon. It's training time. See you soon.


1 comment:

byron said...

did you get your heat back on yet?
shit, stay warm.