Thursday, January 10, 2008

Give the dog a job

We've been talking about the weather alot lately. But Holie Molie. It really is snowy and extreme this year. Snow snow snow one day followed by a clear night and negative temps the next. It makes life interesting. I'm glad I've lived here for a while ... several years ago there is no way I'd have wanted a winter like this... I'd probably be long back on the West Coast of NZ by now. (with wet shoes and gumboots lining the door).

But instead I'm skiing my merry way through town every couple of days and testing my skills on the snow bike ... corners are especially hair raising.

I found a job for Max. Had to bring him home and drop him off after a while as the trash hadn't been picked up yet from Tuesday. He thought that was the best thing ever a trash tour of town. I was going to lose a body part with him stopping abruptly at the good dog smells. Not ideal on ski's.
Here is a view of town from the College side hill. 'Ken, Sandi and Colin' ... thought of you guys here.


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