Monday, January 28, 2008


Over the weekend we stayed with our friend Lisa Lieb in Durango. I got an email from her today with the crazy but true story of how her place nearly caught on fire last night.

The gas line to the heater broke with the force of the ice and snow.
The awesome news is thats shes aok and so luckily is her home. Its so crazy though for many reasons. Her Dad was plowing and saw the flames and luckily caught it in time, her dog barked at her for 15 min b4 the fire.

I wake up several times a week and lie there listening to our heater for abnormalities... weird I know but at 3 am in the morning. Plus legitmiately we have had out heat go out 3 times this winter due to blowing snow/ snow stuck in the intake pipe and too much snow around the circulation vent.

It might pay to check your own roof? pipes? etc...


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