Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Dressing

My sister sent a text on new Years eve saying how it was 41 degrees Celsius at her place in Aus that day.
Not to be outdone I switched the thermometer to Celsius on New years morning and saw a lovely -33C.
And we were headed out for our annual New Year days ski tour. Yippee.(to tell the truth I did question going but if you know Carol Quinn, Brian Smith, and the 12 other hard core Gunny/CB crowd... this is their idea of the best fun and games)
While dressing I thought of those paper dress up cutouts I used to have when I was growing up. We should make a dress the Jenny Doll. I still haven't grown all the way up but now I get to play w/ real clothing! And I wore alot of clothes on this day.

The ski was amazing. It was a trail break for a good 6 hours of the ski. The batteries went flat after an hour so no photos sadly. I turned at Swampy pass as I am fighting a cold and didn't want to overdo it. ( 5 hours seemed enough to me... I did over do it a bit). The hardcore group made it back at 8 hours for Brian and 9 for Carol. Wow.

Hope your New Year is a good one.

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