Sunday, December 30, 2007

Huevos and Snow biking

We joined the masses and hit up W Cafe for Sunday Breakfast today. It was so busy there that Brian and I got the last booth a half booth that was crammed in along the edge, it was ok as we had street side view of snowy Sunday on Mainstreet.

I ordered the Huevos - a Mexican breakfast -2 eggs over beans and a tortilla smothered with vegetarian chili and a side of Guacamole.

It reminded me of a favorite Kiwi Sunday dinner. AKA. Darron Burn's style. This is the best (or maybe all this winter is making me homesick?) A toasted Bagel with marmite, loaded with watties baked beans, a poached egg and Watties tomato sauce (ketchup).

I'm a ketchup fiend and create meals where its the star ingredient. (these days I buy organic ketchup, which is really only to make myself feel that my habit is somehow better!).

Afterwards as it was 'warmer' (20 degrees) we bought out the bikes and went snowbiking. I've not been riding at all lately as have been saving the joys of the trainer for the happy New Year (its not secret that I detest the trainer).

Check it out. Brians Snow bike. It was FUN. The tires absolutely rocked. (2.35 Bontrager Jones - with 16 lbs of pressure, they where awesome). Brian is running larger profile Bontrager rythm wheels. It was so much fun that I have signed on to race a winter Tri in Durango on the 26th Jan.


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